Thursday, November 18, 2010

Meet Paul Krugman

In order to understand the liberal group-think de jour, Paul Krugman's twice weekly column in The New York Times is a must read .  The Krugmeister variously describes himself as a socialist, liberal, social democrat and, if you disagree with him, not only are you wrong, your motives are pernicious.  His recent columns have been heavy on Keynsien economics, arguing that the U.S. government needs to tax and spend itself out the Great Recession (or if you prefer, the jobless recovery).  He thinks the $800 million stimulus package was way too small and that Obama has doomed the recovery by being too bashful. In any event read Krugman; just remember, if you disagree with him you are stupid, evil and/or racist.  I think he is trying to smile in this picture, but being the arbiter of all that is good and decent in the world makes it very difficult for him:

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